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Are you an experienced professional?  HRC WANTS YOU!

HRC connects qualified job seekers and companies for growth opportunities in hospitality careers.  We focus on hotels, restaurants and clubs.

We assist client companies by finding qualified professionals whose experience and credentials match their open positions. HRC has long-term relationships with  many  companies that own or manage properties within the hospitality industry.   Before any candidate is presented to the prospective employer, HRC will provide the job description as received  from the employer and ask the applicant to read the document carefully and sign off on the job description making sure they have complete understanding of the position responsibilities.

There are only three steps to begin the process of letting HRC know that you want to be considered for a position.

Step 1: Review the job listings on the Positions Available page of our web site.
Step 2: Complete the Applicant Registration form.
Step 3: Attach your resume and send to HRC. Make sure you provide us with at least 3 references.

We will contact you once we receive and review the information you sent to determine if we can help you.

You can be assured of complete confidentiality.  Your resume and references will never be released to a prospective employer without your approval. Once we identify that your background meets the requirements for an opportunity as indicated by our client, we will ask you if you have had any recent previous contact with this prospective employer by phone, email, regular mail or internet.  If you or anyon eyou know has already directed your resume to the prospective employer, we will not be able to assist you with that opportunity.

Remember, our fee, if you are hired by our client after we present you for an opportunity, is paid by the employer…job seekers never pay a fee.

We are committed to hard work, quick response, honesty and loyality with the maximum degree of confidentiality and professionalism.