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HRC as hundreds of management and hospitality professionals resumes ready for you to review.  The is never a charge for the search or to review the resumes of qualified candidates.  We only get paid if we produce results.   Our service is  a “one on one” personal service and conducted on a very confidential basis.

HRC will ask that you allow us 2 full weeks ( 14 days)  to conduct our search before you release the position to other sources, internet, etc.

HRC seeks out and recruits the candidates who otherwise would not be available.  We attempt to find the “best of the best” to fill positions in the field of hotels, restaurants, clubs….plus, cruise ships, attractions, and health care facilities.

When HRC registers a candidate, we obtain their resume, salary history and references. Each job seeker signs an agreement with HRC that includes a disclosure for honesty.  Additionally, we obtain from each candidate a “Trust But Verify” employment verification form.  We contact the past three (3) employers to verify their employment.  We also will require the candidate presented for documentation and proof of any and all industry awards, certifications and academic credentials.

We will arrange all meetings and interviews.

Once a hire has been made, we will stay in touch with you and the candidate.  We want to make sure a smooth transition has happened and that both parties are satisified.

We will never solicit a placement.

If you would like us to contact you to help you locate a qualified professional to fill a position for your business, simply contact us via email, phone or fill out HRC’s Employer Request Form.  We will ask for a detailed Job Descripton on the position.

If you know of anyone looking for an opportunity, ask them to visit this website or contact us. We will assist them in every way possible to locate their newest hospitality job to advance their career.

Remember, we conduct our search at our expense. If we dont find a suitable candidate, you owe us nothing. You have nothing to loose.

We are committed to hard work, quick response, honesty and loyalty with the maximum degree of confidentiality and professionalism.