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In order to have your resume entered into HRC’s Job Seeker bank, you must complete this form.  Upon receipt, we will review your registration and resume to determine if we can help you.  If HRC presents you to a prospective employer, you may be asked to complete the Employment Verification form.  HRC will email  you this form.  In most cases, this form is required prior to presentation.  We will verify your employment with the past 3 employers.   We will also ask you to provide us with documentation of any academic credentials noted on your resume as well as other special industry certifications and achievements. The more we know about your professional work history, the more effective we can be to target the ideal opportunity for you.

Special Note:  In todays world, prospective employers will order an extensive background report BEFORE an offer is made.  This report will include a Criminal History Search, a Social Security Number Validation, Verification of Employment and a Drug Testing including M.R.O. Service.  Please let us know immediately if you have any issues that will surface in these reports.  

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