Q?What is the scope of services of HRC Recruiting?

We work for the employer! Our fiduciary responsibility is to the client that pays our fee.  We provide executive search and placement services on a direct hire or interim basis for management level hospitality personnel for hotels, country clubs, cruise ships, attractions and restaurants. We look for managers and are the best in their field who focus on service, are profit driven and people friendly.  We network with our hundreds of contacts to find the right candidate that meets the requirements of the employer. We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.

Q?In what geographic areas do you work?

HRC primarily works in the South Florida region, but we have placed many management executives  throughout the United States.  Many of our clients have headquarters or regional offices here in South Florida but own and/or manage associated properties in other states.  Most of our talent pool is located right here in South Florida.

Q?What are the fees? What is the guarantee?

Our searches are FREE!  The employer pays our fee only if we are successful in our search and our candidate is hired.  Most national recruiting firms charge 30 percent…with a deposit paid up front before the search begins.   HRC charges considerably less.   Our fee is based on 10% of the individual hired annual wage.

Our fee to the job seeker?  ZERO/ZIP/ NOTHING!  All we ask of the Job Seeker is  an up to date and accurate resume, references, salary history and complete honesty and frequent communication.  All candidates are required to  complete our “Employment Verification” form prior to being presented for an opportunity.  HRC has a policy of “Trust But Verify.”  You must be easy to reach by email or cellphone at all times during  the process immediately after being presented to an employer for an opportunity.

We offer a 45 day retention guarantee on any candidate presented and hired thru HRC.

Q?What is “interim” service?

Many of our professionals are willing to be assigned to a temporary position,  i.e. “Task Force” etc. For example: Loss of a senior executive through resignation, sickness or death, turnarounds, mergers or acquisitions, or pending sale. There are no long-term commitments, pension contributions or payroll burden. It is understood from the beginning that the interim manager will bow out with no severance pay required. We can provide managers from a few weeks up to 6  months… or longer. Our managers are driven by the challenge of the job and not politics. HRC offers a competitive advantage by using senior level managers with exceptional experience at a minimum cost.  Our fee  for this service will be set at  5% of the manager’s monthly wage  paid monthly direct to HRC by the employer.  The candidate hired on this interim basis waives all usual salaried benefits and performs his/her duties as an independent contractor and assumes all tax liability.